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Food Producers Exporters By Categories
Meat, Meat Products. Page 8 Directory on Producers Exporters. The Food World
Enscheder Strasse 37 - 48683 Ahaus-Alstaette Germany
Tel: +49 7022-7182131 Fax: +49 7022-7182155
Beef Ground Meat  Beef by Prodducts  Beef Offals  Beef Meat  Pork Trimmings  Pork Ground Meat  Pork by Products  Pork Offals  Pork Meat      
Jana Pawla II - 33-300 Nowy Sacz Poland
Tel: +48184477590 Fax: +48184477588
Lamb  Neck  Collar  Loin  Entrecote  Silverside  Tenderloins  Poultry  Pork Meat  Beef      
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